@alluredecoration Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to Toronto based artist Elena Gribanova, our latest Instagram winner!  A former ophthalmologist, Elena's focus is now on creating elegant, handmade resin decor pieces for the home. 

ArtResin instagram winner @alluredecoration resin artist home decor

Having studied interior design in college, Elena has a passion for beautiful home decor pieces, especially if they can be used in a functional way. She loves applying elements from nature, art, design and fashion into her work to create useful pieces of art. 

A full-time and self-taught artist, Elena worked first with polymer clay before discovering resin a few years ago and falling in love with its potential: "Resin gave me the freedom and inspiration to create in [a] new way."

Elena is constantly experimenting in order to grow as an artist: "I’m constantly learning and trying new concepts and techniques. I make lots of errors and learn from them."

Her process typically starts with an idea inspired by 
nature, art, or fashion. She gathers and dries her materials, which can include flowers, shells, leaves, mushrooms. She likes to prepare by mapping out a design in a mold or on an art board before she measures and mixes the resin: "With resin, the timing is crucial as it will determine the outcome."

Elena's work makes her feel connected to nature, to the world and to herself. She says goodbye to every piece and send it off to its new home: "I hope the viewer feels the sense of love that I put in every piece."

Elena sells her work through her website, Etsy, Instagram and at local markets and art shows.

To see more of Elena's work:
Visit her website: www.alluredecoration.com
Follow her on Instagram: @alluredecoration

Congratulations on your win, Elena!

To celebrate our amazing resin artists, every month we send out a 32 oz kit to a couple of folks who have tagged us on Instagram—and then we share their work with the world! 

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