Alexandra Squire Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Alexandra Squire, our latest Instagram winner! 
Alexandra is an artist from Maryland who, 5 years ago, took a leap of faith and turned her lifelong passion for art into a full time career. 



A self-taught artist, Alexandra has been perfecting her craft since she was a child; first under her grandmother, then taking art classes while pursuing her MBA, and finally, by studying under other respected artists. She works with acrylics and resin, allowing her to experiment with both texture and depth. Alexandra says: "I love what I can capture with paint. Blending colors is my favorite part. I love the idea that I can take a blank canvas and use my imagination to turn it into anything. It will always fascinate me that from three primary colors we can create infinitely more."

Alexandra discovered resin a few years, instantly falling in love with its ability to enhance any artwork: "As silly as it sounds, I also respect resin. There are rules you have to play by. To create the desired effect, I have to be precise in the application and the process. Resin doesn’t allow you to rush or skip steps. It holds you accountable, and I like that. Resin really changed the trajectory of my career. I feel like I can tell much deeper stories with my work when I use resin. It provides a depth that I haven’t been able to achieve before."

Alexandra spends weeks at a time on a single painting, working slowly and with intention to ensure she gets the results she wants. Color and blending are an integral part of her process. She first sketches out her ideas on her iPad, giving her an opportunity to experiment with a color palette before further testing with paint on small canvases or pieces of wood. If she's happy with the progression at this point, she moves onto wood panels to begin her final piece.

To achieve the look she's going for, Alexandra incorporates blending at every stage, including the underpainting, starting with darker colors and slowly mixing in lighter colors and shades. Once the painting is thoroughly dry, perfectly clean and dust-free, Alexandra applies a minimum of three coats of ArtResin to give her work a luxurious, thick coat.


Alexandra has built a drying tent in her studio to ensure the work stays free of dust while it cures: "I have to be careful that I don’t lose patience and peek at a piece too soon and kick up any dust that may get into the resin. The process for each piece takes weeks. I will start painting new pieces as other ones dry, but this process doesn’t allow me to crank out new work every day."

Not only is painting Alexandra's passion, but it's also a way for her to tell stories without words. Although the art eventually becomes public, the process to create it is intimate and therapeutic: "There are very few restraints on what I can do with art. That can be an overwhelming thought, but I also find it comforting. I know I will never run out of ways to express myself. 

"I hope everyone who views my work takes away something different. My intent is for my art to be a vessel by which they experience their own memories. I hope that by viewing my work all of their senses are engaged. I want my colors, forms, layers, blending, and bold finish to take them back to a time and place that fills them with joy. For me, memories are all about colors and shapes. I hope my audience can feel that when they view my work."


Alexandra has shown her art in galleries (she is currently taking part in a virtual show) but she mainly sells her work through her website, her Instagram page and through word of mouth. Alexandra says "I am also fortunate to have wonderful relationships with some incredible designers who will commission pieces for their clients."

Visit her website:
Follow her on Instagram: @alexandrasquireart

Congratulations on your win, Alexandra!

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