Can I Use ArtResin To Display My Instagram Pics?

Posted on 3 May 09:48

You sure can!  In this video, I show you how to take your favorite Instagram pics and display them simply and beautifully... no glass or distracting frames necessary. 

is by far my favorite social media outlet—it's all pics and very little text, so you get the gist of what someone is posting über efficiently!  



You'll need:

• A wooden panel (with or without raised edges to hold in the resin)
• Your chosen print, sized to fit your panel
• The Art Resin Starter Kit
Something to mix the resin in, stir the resin, and spread the resin
• Paint (optional, to paint the sides of the panel... any kind of paint will do; I used spray paint)
• A level is pretty handy to have too


So a couple weeks back I had posted a #tbt image of Dave and I on our wedding day.  We got married on a dock in bare feet one lovely day in August 2010.  Needless to say, I love this photo for so many reasons! 

So I printed this image at Walmart in an 8 x 8" size.  The panel I planned to use was also 8 x 8" (so the print would fit perfectly), and I had spray painted the edges of it black beforehand.  Using just a normal glue stick, I glued the print to the panel and pressed it firmly in place. Then I made sure the whole piece was level, and I mixed up a batch of Art Resin (aka ArtResin). 

Mixing Art Resin is simple: just pour equal parts from either bottle into a mixing cup.  Stir it thoroughly (for like 4 solid minutes).  Then pour it out over your piece and spread it out!  You don't have to be afraid of the resin ruining your print; in fact it protects your print.  Art Resin self-levels extremely well, so I found there was not much I had to do to coax the resin to go where I wanted it to.  I basically just pushed it gently into the corners and that was it. 

Now once you've got everything covered, you'll notice there will probably be some bubbles in the resin.  Art Resin has a de-gassing (aka bubble release) agent in it to promote bubble popping, so many of the bubbles will pop on their own.  The ones that don't pop on their own can easily be eliminated just my blowing gently on them.  It's honestly so satisfying to see them disappear so easily!

[see those big bubbles? ...ok now look on the right.  I blew on them and they're gone!  The little black marks you see is the inky-looking Instagram border]

And that's it!  So at this point I just covered the whole piece with half of a cardboard box to make sure no dust would settle into the resin before it dried completely.  I left it overnight, and in the morning I had a gorgeous shiny finish on my favorite Insta image :)

NOTE:  For this project, I used a wooden panel that had a 3 mm wooden lip all around the edge.  This style of panel is excellent for using resin in because it contains the resin without having it fall over the sides.  You can totally use any style of panel you want; usually I use a regular panel with no lip, and I just let the resin fall over the sides and spread it out the same as I would on top.  If you use a panel where the resin will fall over the sides, be sure to lift up your piece off the table so the Art Resin doesn't adhere your panel to the table!

Have fun... print lots of pics and do a bunch at once!  This is a fast and easy craft.