Meet Sarah Ronald, Our #ArtResin Winner this Month

Posted on 30 Mar 11:09

Meet Sarah Ronald.


Sarah Ronald is a mixed media artist who focuses her art on wildlife.  She lives in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, where inspiration in nature abounds!


“As an individual who has an affinity with animals, I feel a responsibility to use my art to reflect upon the impositions that we place on the natural world, specifically suburban and marine mammals”
- S. Ronald




Sarah's foxes, whales, birds and raccoons, for example, show the animals' personality, range of emotions and individualism. 




Sarah’s art prompts us to notice the beauty, innocence and  realness of living things and puts nature back into perspective – a view that can easily get lost on so many of  us in our world according to humans.






Check out more of Sarah’s art at:


Follow Sarah on social media:
instagram: sarahronaldstudio
twitter: @sarahronald_art