Put The Right Cap Back On Your Resin Bottle!

Has this ever happened to you?
You're ready to resin your project, you reach for your resin bottles and the caps are glued shut?!

It's SO important to make sure you put the right cap back on the right bottle, to avoid getting your resin or hardener caps stuck on the bottle for good!

Thankfully, we've come up with a solution here at ArtResin ...
We've colour coded the caps on our resin bottles! 
BLACK for resin
WHITE for hardener

And just in case you forget, we've even colour coded the words resin ( in BLACK ) and hardener ( in WHITE ) to help you remember!

Never get your bottle caps stuck again! 

PS -  if they do get stuck ....
best thing to do is to cut the bottle open and decant your resin and hardener into 2 fresh, clean & dry plastic or glass bottles with caps.
You don't want to soak the bottles/bottle caps in acetone or alcohol and risk contaminating your resin or hardener!

About the author: Joanne Wright

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