@liadiadesigns is our Instagram Winner!

Every month we like to spread the love by sending a 1 gallon kit to a couple of artists who have tagged us on Instagram ... and then we share their work with the world!  

Congratulations to Milton, Ontario artist Nadia Fernando... our second lucky winner for October!

Nadia went to college for Graphic Design and Marketing and currently owns a graphic design company with her husband. An artist from a very young age, Nadia gravitated towards everything and anything that allowed her to express her creativity: painting, sculpting, fashion, calligraphy, henna, graphic design and most recently, resin art.

Nadia says: "I was introduced to resin about a year ago when I discovered it on Instagram. I saw what others were creating with it. I was intrigued and incredibly intimidated by it. I watched from the sidelines for almost 6 months, then with some encouragement from some fellow artists, I made the jump! Resin has allowed me to experiment and create new techniques that provide different results than can be achieved with other mediums."


Nadia creates the most beautiful canvases, cheese boards, jewellery trays and coasters using powder and paste pigments, glitter, glass, and crystals, which she coats in resin to protect and enhance her designs.

Nadia says: "I'm inspired by many things ... a lot stems from my Indian background: the vibrant colour combinations, the intricate henna designs, the symbolic motifs that are believed to be auspicious, such as peacocks, lotus flowers, elephants/Ganesh etc.

I'm also greatly inspired by other artists I discover online: cake decorators, tattoo artists, food carvers ... anything with elaborate and intricate details gets me incredibly inspired."

Nadia's creativity absolutely shines in her gorgeous, colourful charcuterie boards. 
Take a look ....











Nadia says: I've always loved creating beautiful things and challenging myself to see if the ideas I have in my mind can be created in real life with my hands. I've been working on a computer for so long,  I missed the feeling of physically creating tangible things with my hands. Painting and working with resin, is actually quite relaxing and calming. I paint at night while everyone in my house is asleep... which allows my thoughts to be clear and uninterrupted."

Nadia also creates the most beautiful jewellery trays and holders ....


In Nadia's words: "I hope people who see my art find beauty in it and it lifts their spirit to a place of joy and intrigue.  I also hope my art continues to show my children (who are very ingrained in the digital world) that you do not need a tech device to create and, that in some cases, you can actually create something even more incredible with your hands than some machine or computer."

Nadia also uses the same technique to create luxurious, textured wall art ...




With so many requests and questions about her gorgeous technique, Nadia is working towards some tutorial videos in the near future ... stay tuned!


Congratulations, Nadia!

To see more of her beautiful work:
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