@leahkirsch Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Leah Kirsch, our latest Instagram winner! Leah is a mixed media artist based in New York who adorns wood panels, custom surf boards and floor-to-ceiling murals with her bold handwriting and a shiny coat of ArtResin.

While studying finance at Fordham University, Leah was making and selling clothes and art.  A year ago she took the leap into making art full time: "I always loved making lists with my clean handwriting. Making art with my hand writing is extremely therapeutic and calming for me. In this chaotic world and my thought-filled brain, writing things down clears my head." 

Once Leah discovered the shiny finish that resin gave to her artwork, she never looked back: "Resin has taken my art to the next level. It adds professionalism, quality, and that perfect touch of glamour I need to balance out my edgy style."

Leah creates her signature pieces for customers around the world: "
Generally, I speak with my client about size, shape, colors, writing...it's all very personal since everything is completely custom.

"We talk about everything from where the piece is going and why they are choosing the words/quote they choose. It's a really beautiful and special process; we end up talking and connecting about a lot of other things. I let them tell me about what they have in mind and then I offer my advice. They I purchase all the materials, prime, paint, chalk out writing, write, then, the best part: resin!"

Leah wants to make a name for herself as an artist who persisted with grace, tenacity and grit. She hopes to inspire people to be their best selves, whatever that looks like to them, and to live with the joy, inspiration and happiness creating art brings to her life: "I want all people, especially young people, to know that their dreams are possible."

Leah currently sells most of her work online, but is breaking into the big leagues and starting to show her work in galleries.

To see more of Leah's art:
Visit her website: www.leahkirsch.com
Follow her on Instagram: @leahkirsch

Congratulations on your win, Leah!

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