Kindness Rocks

Posted on 8 Jun 17:31



It's a gift that everyone can afford to give. And man, it really seems the world needs a great big infusion of kindness these days (and by that we mean, this year).



Lately we've noticed many people have taken it upon themselves to spread positive messages with painted rocks. It's a wonderful thing to do while at home—on your own or with your kids.

Unfortunately, many of the rocks that are placed outside aren’t able to withstand the elements. Rain can simply wash away all of that beautiful work so many people have begun coating these rocks with ArtResin.


ArtResin helps to protect your rocks while saturating the colors and adding a shine to your creativity.

Here are a couple of quick tips on how to coat your rocks in order to get that perfect finish.

To start, be sure to work on a non-stick surface. We recommend using a:
• plastic sheet
• silicone mat
• garbage bag


Method #1

After carefully measuring and mixing a small batch of ArtResin, grab a foam brush or paint brush and apply a thin coat of resin evenly over one side of the rock. Be sure to resin the sides as well but not too thick in order to prevent any drips from forming.


Next, allow that coat of resin to cure, flip the rock over, and paint the other side. Once that side cures, you will have a perfectly covered and protected Kindness Rock.


Method #2

This is the quick and messy way to coat your rock.


With gloves on, simply rub ArtResin over the entire rock and place it down on your plastic sheet. Once the resin cures, you will notice that some of the resin has pooled at the bottom of the rock, creating a ridge. With an X-acto knife, carefully trim the edge and eliminate that ridge.


You may also choose to sand the ridge down with sandpaper and apply one final little coat of ArtResin to smooth it all out.


That’s it!

Don’t leave your mini works of art unprotected. Help them stand out while preserving your kind words and pictures at the same time.

Thank you to everyone who inspired us to put this blog and video together. When times are tough, sometimes a brief moment that makes us smile is all we need to get through the day.

Kindness. It costs nothing, but means everything :)