Kimberly Leo is our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Kimberly Leo, our latest Instagram winner! Kimberly is a full-time artist with a studio located in Seattle, WA. She used to be an oil painter but now works primarily in resin.

To quote her website, Kimberly's paintings "are full of vibrant color, sparkle, and shine, that will jump through hoops for you, belt out a show tune, dance the cha cha, hold a yoga pose, do cartwheels, somersaults, and all kinds of other tricks to command your attention for a magical moment and then just be present in that moment with you."



Kimberly gets most of her ideas from photos that she takes in nature. She'll then do a detailed sketch and make a list of materials. She mixes colored pigment powder, acrylic paint, Indian ink, glitter, glass, gold leaf and crystals. Although mapped out, there is still freedom when laying down the layers of ArtResin.

Kimberly had left the art world but was inspired to come back after the passing of a dear friend. She was introduced to ArtResin through various YouTube videos and decided to do a piece in her friend's honor to help her heal. Thankfully she made another piece the next night, and then another, and another...


You can find more of Kimberly’s work on Instagram @kj_leo_designs or by emailing her directly at You can also purchase some of her work through and



Congratulations on your win, Kimberly!


To celebrate all the amazing artists staying home and creating, every month we will be sending out a 32 oz kit to a couple of artists who have tagged us on Instagram—and we'll share their work with the world! 


Don't forget, tag YOUR ArtResin work with @art_resin on Instagram, and YOU could be our next weekly winner!!

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