How To Make The Coolest Halloween Lights!

Posted on 19 Oct 13:50

Knick Knacks with Mack - How To Make The Coolest Halloween Lights!

Join Mack as she creates superspooky Halloween lights using tinted ArtResin!

ArtResin is the perfect non-yellowing, high gloss clearcoat for artwork,
but DID YOU KNOW ... it's also an awesome medium for crafting?

- AND its non-toxic formula makes it safe for kids to use ( with adult supervision, of course )

- AND even cooler, ArtResin can be tinted!


You can also use pigment, acrylic, ink or dye ( although dye can fade over time )

- simply drop the color into the resin mixture and stir well for an all over saturated color, or drop it into spread-out resin and watch the cool effects!

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