3 Spooktacular Halloween Resin Crafts!

🎃  HAPPY HALLOWEEN, kids! 🎃 

We’re all jacked up on Halloween candy over here at ArtResin, so we thought we'd share a few of our favourite Halloween resin craft ideas!! You'll have the coolest house in your 'hood with these SPOOKTACULAR decorations!!

Patty entertainingly demonstrates how to make the coolest ghosts out of cheesecloth and ArtResin epoxy resin!

Did You Know ....
- ArtResin not only gives shape and stability to your ghosts, but but because ArtResin is water resistant, you can display your ghost family indoors or outdoors! Stand them on their own by your front door, display them as a tabletop centrepiece or even hang them from tree branches!
- ArtResin is non-toxic when used as directed, free of fumes and VOCs, and is safe for use at home in a well ventilated area, so this makes a great kid-friendly craft ( with adult supervision, of course! )  

Make your ArtResined ghosts cute or creepy - it’s up to you!! 

Mack makes some superspooky Halloween lights using ArtResin tinted with ResinTint!

Did You Know ...
- ArtResin epoxy resin is the perfect high gloss clearcoat for artwork with unparalleled protection against yellowing, but it's also an awesome medium for crafting! 
- AND, even cooler, ArtResin can be tinted!!  Check out our brand new collection of 
ResinTints: 24 richly saturated, non-toxic, premium colourants specifically crafted for ArtResin epoxy resin. Simply drop the colour into the resin mixture and stir well for an all-over saturated colour, or drop it into spread-out resin and watch the cool effects!  

ResinTint is a fun and easy way to infuse colour into ArtResin epoxy resin! 

Transform an ordinary styrofoam skull into a super cool objet d'art using gold leaf and super versatile ArtResin epoxy resin!

Did You Know
- Gold Leafing has its origins in ancient Egypt, when statues intended for pharoah's tombs were decorated with gold, the colour of the gods. Later popular gilding applications included on picture frames, manuscripts, jewellery, sculpture and paintings.
Traditionally, gold leaf was made by hammering 22 karat yellow gold into thin sheets - these days, you can easily buy a copper and zinc composite Metal Leaf at any art store, offering the same rich look of gold leaf, but at a fraction of the price.

Pair gold leaf with crystal clear ArtResin epoxy resin and you've got an effect that looks like a million bucks!! 

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