How To Create A Resin & Glass Mosaic Seahorse

Looking for a way to add some sparkle to your home decor? 

Glass artist Tori Antonelis of SeaRoxx demonstrates how simple it is to craft your own colorful seahorse mosaic using glass and ArtResin.

Born and raised in California, Tori creates mixed media art inspired by the beach: "Saltwater runs through my veins. I like to create art that is vibrant, playful, and passionate, using multi-mediums, sometimes all in one piece. I love to experiment with 3D, glass, resin, inks, beads and texture. Most of all I love to create art that makes me happy."

Follow along with Tori's tutorial to replicate her seahorse, or use the tips and techniques she shares to create your own custom design. Either way, you'll have fun creating a colorful resin and glass mosaic of your own!

Let’s dive in.



What You’ll Need: 

  • Hammer or Glass Nippers to create glass shards
  • Tweezers for placing the glass onto the panel
  • Gloves, eyeglasses or goggles while cutting & handling glass
  • Glass vases in the colors and patterns of your choice. Tori used blue, teal, gold and clear
  • Paper plates for placing your glass shards onto
  • Stencil of a seahorse (or other design) printed out
  • Wood panel, primed white
  • Liquitex Crackle Paste 
  • Palette knife
  • White iridescent acrylic paint (or make your own by mixing pouring medium and white sparkly mica powder)
  • Paintbrush
  • ArtResin
  • Plastic liner to cover your work surface
  • Gloves, mixing cup and stir stick
  • Paper cup for drizzling
  • Artist's Torch or heat gun
  • Dust cover


1. Prepare Your Panel

Using a pencil, outline your design onto a primed wood panel.  

Next, use a palette knife to apply Liquitex crackle paste to the panel. Tori applied long strips of crackle paste around the seahorse to create interest and texture. Allow the crackle paste to dry according to the label directions.



2. Apply The Glass

Choose glass that has an interesting pattern, in colors that suit your theme. For her seahorse, Tori used glass vases with textured patterns that reminded her of scales, as well as some candle holders in a brilliant blue and gold.

Using a hammer or glass nippers, break the glass into small pieces. Use tweezers to place the glass onto the panel, following the outline until the piece is filled in. 

⚠️ Important: If you're not accustomed to working with glass, please wear gloves and goggles/eyeglasses. Additionally, always wear shoes in case a glass shard ends up on the floor.

Once your design is complete, use a paint brush to apply iridescent acrylic paint around the seahorse.
 Under the resin and in the light, the paint will create a shimmery, underwater effect. 

💡 TIP: Be very careful not to disturb the glass design.



3. Secure The Glass With Resin

Wearing gloves, mix up a small batch of ArtResin according to the label instructions. Using a paper cup to control the flow, slowly drizzle the resin over the glass design. Don't pour so much that you make any puddles, but enough to touch every piece of glass. Once all the pieces have a little resin on them, cover it and let it dry overnight.

3. Apply The Resin Topcoat

The next day, apply the top coat of resin. Make sure the panel is propped up and off of a plastic lined work surface and that the back of the panel is taped off with painter's tape to prevent drips from forming.

💡 TIP: If you find any loose pieces you missed the first time, go ahead and add a little resin on top to secure them.

Use a small tool to spread the resin over the entire panel, being careful to get it in all the nooks and crannies.

Finally, torch out the bubbles, cover and allow to cure. The next day, reveal your piece!

💡 TIP: Drop some small pieces of clear crushed glass into the wet resin to replicate the look of bubbles.

4. Reveal And Admire :)

You can see what a pretty effect the crackle paste and iridescent paint give to the finished piece!


To see more of Tori's artwork:
Visit her website:
Follow her on Instagram: @searoxx_art

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