How Long Do I Need To Wait Between Resin Layers?

As long as you pour resin in 1/8" or 3 mm layers, you can get as a resin coat as you'd like.  There are two methods for applying additional epoxy resin coats:

  1. Sanding down your first layer after having let it dry for 24 hrs
  2. You can pour a new resin layer every 3-5 hrs

Either of these methods work very well, allowing for a very strong bond between resin layers.

Let's take a closer look at each method:

The 24 hour method:

This method takes a little more time, but provides a very tight bond between layers. 

First, pour your initial coat of epoxy resin and wait 24 hours until the resin has cured. At this point, it will no longer feel sticky:  it will feel smooth and dry to the touch so you'll need to rough up the surface with coarse sandpaper to create some tooth for the second coat. After you've wiped away the sanding debris, pour the next coat overtop.  

💡TIP:  Remember:  whenever your resin is dry, you need to sand before you apply a second coat to ensure the two layers bond together.  If you don't sand, you run the risk of the two layers eventually delaminating.  Use a coarse sandpaper to scuff up the dried resin surface - we use 80 grit sandpaper here at ArtResin. Don't worry - once you pour on your fresh resin layer, the scratch marks from sanding will disappear.

The 3-5 hour method:

This is a quicker method and is a great option when time is an issue.

After you’ve applied the first coat of ArtResin, wait about 3-5 hours until it starts to thicken and reaches a gel like state. At this point, you can pour the next coat on top. T
he stickiness of the resin will provide the tooth and the two layers will cure simultaneously, creating a very strong bond.
💡TIP:  If your resin room is warm, you may be able to pour your next coat of ArtResin at the 2-3 hour mark.  

So there you have it!  Pouring multiple coats of ArtResin is easy, and whether you choose the 3-5 hour method or the 24 hour method, you can repeat these steps as often as you'd like, until you reach the thickness you desire.

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