Amy Derenzy is our Instagram Weekly Winner!


To celebrate all the amazing artists staying home and creating, every week we will be sending out a FREE 32oz ArtResin kit to one lucky artist who has tagged us on Instagram, and we'll share their work with the world! 


Congratulations to artist Amy Derenzy, our first weekly winner for April! Amy is a self-taught artist and a full-time registered ICU nurse from Roscommon, Michigan. She is currently on the frontline caring for patients with COVID-19. From all of us at ArtResin, we would like to give you a huge thank you and a big high five for your work at this challenging time.



 Amy’s ocean art embodies the natural flow and depth of water reaching the shore. She starts by painting a wood panel with acrylic paint to mimic the sea floor.

Next, she mixes up some ArtResin and adds her desired pigments, then she pours the tinted resin onto her prepared panel. To create the white wave effect, Amy suggests using a mixture of ArtResin and white alcohol ink, AKA Ink Sinker.

To finish it all off, Amy uses real sand, shells, and stones to bring even more texture and interest to her artwork.




You can find more of Amy’s work on Instagram @derenzy_designs and on her Facebook page Derenzy Designs, where she showcases and sells her artwork..




Congratulations on your win, Amy!


Don't forget, tag YOUR ArtResin work with @art_resin on Instagram, and YOU could be our next weekly winner!!







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