@beaches.and.blooms Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to @beaches.and.bloomsour latest Instagram winner! Dylan Nieman is an artist based in Redondo Beach, California who used the pandemic as an opportunity to turn a lifelong passion for art into a business.

What inspired you to start your business?
"My name is Dylan Nieman and I am from Redondo Beach, California. I started Beaches + Blooms last November after living back home with my parents during Covid for a few months. I’m slowly turning these odd times into something priceless and magical. Growing up, I always watched my dad create art for fun in the garage. He is the most fearless, humble artist in all of the lands. I finally got the opportunity to explore and turn my passion into something more! I am completely self-taught, when I say we had a lot of trial & error, I mean we had a LOT of trial and a LOT of error."

Are you a full-time resin artist?
I started this small business while being a Kindergarten teacher. When I was off from teaching my kiddos at 3pm, I would spend hours woodworking, creating art, handling customer relations, photographing, posting on social media, planning workshops, keeping the website current, organizing emails, advertising, restocking items, applying for markets, managing admin, packaging, shipping, delivering, (SO much) sanding, executing new projects, etc... My brain was mush but it felt so right. I decided over the summer to quit my teaching job and take on this company 110% as a full time artist. We have to keep working towards our dreams right!? My perspective and respect for small business owners has grown exponentially this past year.

When did you discover resin?  How has it impacted your work?

"I have been working with resin for less than a year now, and truly the sky is the limit. I love creating those pacific cells, making beaches on serving trays, corn holes, and custom items like guitars, tables, phone cases, you name it!"

"Equally, I love playing with resin and flowers. As weddings start picking up again, I absolutely LOVE taking bridal bouquets and preserving those delicate blooms! There is something about harnessing the fragility of those special flowers that keeps me drawn to working with resin."

"Most excitingly, I have been teaching Sip & Pour workshops and private Sip & Pour events all summer long. Who doesn’t love wine & art with friends?! It has been so meaningful watching the community come back together to learn how to use ArtResin with me as their teacher. My creative heart adores that “ah hah” moment each of my students have. Similarly, I cherish each unique piece that gets shipped to its new home and I truly hope each customer feels the same connection."

"Being born and raised on the beach, always with flowers in my hair, I could not think of a more fitting company to start. So here we are, going full force! I am excited to take this journey together. Thanks to my dad’s inspiration, the endless support from my boyfriend, my mom who considers herself “the shipping department,” and my love for creating... Beaches + Blooms was born."

Where do you sell your work?

"I sell my art at occasional markets in the South Bay but mostly online, at beachesandblooms.org. We always do free shipping in California & are constantly accepting custom orders. Stay tuned to my instagram for daily live videos and current projects."

To see more of Dylan's art:
visit her website: beachesandblooms.org
follow her on Instagram: @beaches.and.blooms

Congratulations on your win, Dylan!

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