ArtResin Featured Artist - Marcel Jordan

We are so proud to introduce you to our next Featured Artist, Marcel Jordan!

Marcel is a woodworking artist based in Guelph, Ontario who crafts "functional art" - the most gorgeous, one-of-a-kind wood boards, signage, wall art, and furniture.

Art Resin - Marcel Jordan wall art

With a background as a machinist, Marcel decided to combine his tradesman technology and skills with his artistic eye and creativity, developing his own unique stamp on the traditional craft of woodworking. Starting off with small projects like charcuterie boards, he applied metal machine shop techniques to wood - experimenting, problem solving and gradually working his way up to larger pieces like doors, signs and tables. 

Art Resin - Marcel Jordan craft of woodworking

Art Resin - Marcel Jordan charcuterie boards

Art Resin - Marcel Jordan larger pieces wall art

Using computer software to first map out his vision, Marcel then takes his design from the desktop to the workshop. Technology gives him a starting point, but the true freedom comes in allowing the grain and flow of each slab of wood to guide him, creating unique pieces of art every time.  Truly, Marcel's work is a perfect blend of tradition and technology ... of artist and craftsman. 

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ArtResin recently paid a visit to Marcel's workshop in Guelph to chat about how owning and evolving his artistic side has changed his life: impacting his work, giving him a sense of purpose and pride and even fostering a new connection with his community.  


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