ArtResin + LoveBot = Spreading The Love!

Toronto artist Matthew Del Degan is on a mission to highlight the love, kindness and compassion that exists in the city.   And he's spreading the word through the LoveBot - his 250lb, 2 foot high little robot mascot that he is dotting throughout Toronto to recognize good Samaritans and their heartwarming acts of kindness, which he feels too often go overlooked.

When ArtResin's Patty first laid eyes on Matt's artwork, she was totally enamored by his fun, colorful & bright imagery.  But when she found about the significance of the robot and Matt's simple message that kindness trumps all, she fell in love and knew she had to own one of his pieces. 

And how incredibly lucky are we that Matt dropped by ArtResin HQ to ArtResin the canvas Patty bought?!?!   Check out the video to see Matt and Patty coating her piece in ArtResin - Matt's favorite and the only epoxy resin he will use on his art! 

 ArtResin + LoveBot spreading the love = a perfect match!!

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About the author: Joanne Wright

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