ArtResin Featured Artist - Amber Aasman

We are so pleased to feature Hamilton, Ontario artist Amber Aasman!
Amber is so wonderfully approachable and down to earth - one of those people you feel like you've known forever :)

In our Featured Artist video, Amber shares the process behind her beautiful jewellery line, Wild Blue Yonder.

Amber Aasman - Wild Blue Yonder

Though she's inspired by the vastness of the Canadian wild, Amber's real excitement comes from nature's tiniest details: tangled strands of moss, irregularities in a bit of tree bark and the patterns found in a piece of wood. Often overlooked, Amber allows these intricacies to become the heroes in her thoughtful, handcrafted work.

Amber Aasman - Canadian wild

Amber Aasman - bit of tree bark and the patterns

She also shares why she believes each and every one of us can, and should, explore our own artistic creativity.

Enjoy :)

See more of Amber's work at
Follow Amber on Instagram: @wildbluewood


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