@artisticallycrafted_ Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Alia Khan, our latest Instagram winner! A full time artist based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, Alia creates bold, vibrant resin art pieces including geodes and alcohol ink paintings.  With a professional background as social worker, Alia loves the feeling of freedom she gets from art: "I love being an artist and creating pieces for others to love and to display in their homes or to give to the people that they love."

A full time artist, Alia has been building her business since 2018, creating her artwork, managing her website content, social media presence and attending local art and craft markets.  Though she is proficient in many mediums, Alia considers herself, first and foremost, to be a resin and alcohol ink artist: "I make very bold, vibrant art pieces. I love making coasters on ceramic with alcohol inks, large wall art pieces, resin keychains and bookmarks.  I am 100% self taught and I am still learning as I go. The most recent [work] I have been exploring is Geode Art!"

Alia first discovered resin when she started her art journey, but felt a little intimidated and instead focused on alcohol ink.  Eventually, she purchased a small kit of ArtResin to try and was immediately hooked: "It's super easy to use as long as you're following the instructions. I've made mistakes but you learn from them! That's the only way to grow.

Alia loves that resin is so simple, yet its versatility allows her to create so many different pieces: "There are so many things that can be made with it, from coasters to keychains, bookmarks, to incense holders, ocean art to geodes. I've even used resin on my kitchen countertops! I would not be able to do my art without using resin: it's taken my art work to another level.

"I have been able to make items for loved ones, for my supporters who see value in what I do. My art pieces are given as gifts, are up on walls all over Canada and USA and that means so much to me. It's special to have something that's made from my hands be loved by many."
Much of Alia's business is creating custom pieces for her clients.  She spends a lot of time with the customer to get a good feel for their vision and style: "Normally I get a reference or colours, but if not, I really go through their decor, favourite pieces in their home or who they are purchasing for."

To make her coasters, Alia uses alcohol inks and a hair drier to apply and blend the inks
, allowing them to 'do their thing' until she is happy with the results. She allows the ink to dry for 24 hours, then applies multiple coats of varnish, every few hours, to thoroughly seal them. Next, she coats the coasters in resin and allows them to cure for a few days. 

Once they are fully cured, she paints the edges with liquid gold or silver leaf, depending on the colour palette. Finally, she adds cork to the bottom of the coasters and they are ready for their new homes.
"I have always hoped to have a platform to grow as an artist and to engage with others who love the same things as me. I want to stand out for what I do but I want to always remain humble and compassionate.  To remind people to find the best things in life: the colour, the humor and their happiness. I never want to lose that quality in my character. It speaks through my art and in my business."

Alia sells her art pieces through her Instagram page, her website and local art & craft markets. 

To see more of Alia's art:
Visit her website: www.artisticallycrafted.ca
Follow her on Instagram: @artisticallycrafted_

Congratulations on your win, Alia!

To celebrate our amazing resin artists, every month we send out a 32 oz kit to a couple of folks who have tagged us on Instagram—and then we share their work with the world! 

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