How Can My Smartphone Help Me Resin?

We have THREE ways you smartphone can help you resin!!

smartphone can help you resin

Seems that our phones are getting smarter than we are, doesn't it?  
And we use them for just about everything ( other than talking on the phone! )

Not surprisingly, we've found a few different ways that smartphones can come in super handy before, during and after your perfect ArtResin pour! 

Before we get started ... important note!
ArtResin is sticky.
REALLY sticky!!!

For the safety of your phone, please keep it well away from your measuring and mixing area, your work surface, your resined artwork and from sticky gloves, paper towels and tools.
I speak from experience :)

1.   As A Level

Because ArtResin is self-levelling, it's critical to make sure your artwork is as level as can be to ensure even coverage. Instead of a traditional level from a hardware store, 
you can use ArtResin's free online phone level to make sure your artwork is perfectly flat before you resin it. To read more about our easy-to-use level and how it works, see our blog How Do You Use Your Phone As A Level?

Dave recently demonstrated how to coat a puzzle in thick, glossy ArtResin.  
He mounted and sealed it, propped it up off his work surface, ensured there was no dust or hair, and his last step was to make sure his piece was even and level - and if not, he was able to adjust it with wooden shims as necessary, according to the level on his smartphone!

smartphone to use as a level

2.   As A Timer

You've probably heard over and over again how imperative it is to mix your ArtResin resin and hardener together for at least 3 minutes (scraping the sides and bottom of course) to ensure it catalyzes properly and to avoid any soft, sticky uncured spots in cured resin.  

I don't know about you, but I often lose track of the time while I'm stirring.
Mostly because I start talking to someone and forget to look at the clock.
Or I start thinking about stuff on my to-do list ... and I lose count.
Guesstimating doesn't work too well for me either because I'll just keep stirring and stirring until my hand starts cramping!

If you're anything like me and have a really poor sense of what 3 minutes feels like, you'll find this tip helpful :)

Voice command or set 3 minutes into the timer setting on your Smartphone before you start stirring.  If you're lucky enough to have Siri on your phone, you might even get a fun cooking tip like Rebecca did ;)

3.   As A Flashlight

The reason many people coat their artwork in epoxy resin is to protect and preserve it, so you definitely don't want anything to ruin that high gloss, crystal clear ArtResin finish.  To ensure that perfect finish, you want to get rid of every hair and every bit of dust.  The right tools help you get the job done that much more efficiently.

After you torch, look at your freshly spread out resined surface in the reflection of a light - it'll really help you see any imperfections like dust or a missed bubble.  An intense light source like daylight or an LED light just like your smartphone flashlight is great for this purpose!  A simple toothpick (we always keep a batch handy) makes it a snap to pop bubbles or fish out those pesky little bits of dust!  

There you have it:
Three ways your smartphone can help you ArtResin your artwork!

How easy is that?
...Easy is good :)

Do you have an awesome tip we need to know about??

Comment below!


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