How Do You Use Your Phone As A Level?

Instead of digging out a level from your tool box, you can use ArtResin's handy Level, designed specifically for your phone, to make sure your artwork is perfectly flat before you resin it.

Because ArtResin is self-leveling, it's critical to make sure your artwork is as level as can be to ensure even coverage. ArtResin's easy-to-use phone level helps solve that problem for you!

How Does The Level Work?

Now, before we get started, let's go over an important point:

⚠️PLEASE NOTE:  Epoxy resin is sticky, so please keep your phone well away from your measuring and mixing area, your work surface, your freshly resined artwork, and from sticky gloves, paper towels and tools.

1. First, open up a browser window on your phone, then go to

ArtResin's phone level

2. Set your phone down on your art.  ArtResin's phone level has 2 ways of indicating whether your piece is flat or not:


  • the pink dots will let you know exactly what corner needs to be raised.

ArtResin's phone level pink dots

  • the numeric value will tell you exactly when your piece measures 0 degrees and is perfectly level.


ArtResin's phone level numeric value

3. Last, put your phone safely away before you open your resin and hardener bottles.

💡TIP:  Remember, the back of your phone needs to be perfectly flat too, so be aware of camera lenses on the back that may stick out, and remove any phone grips or holders from the back of your phone.  

ArtResin's put your phone safely away
ArtResin's phone needs to be perfectly flat too

Oh wait! One more thing!

While you’re on the ArtResin website, scroll down to our resin Calculator by hitting the Calculate button.  When you're there, simply enter the length and width of your piece to find out exactly how much ArtResin you’ll need for your pour.

ArtResin's resin Calculator by hitting the Calculate button

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