ArtResin's 100 Days Of Art Challenge

Did you know that being around art can genuinely make us feel happier?  Science has shown that whether you're creating it or simply appreciating it, art promotes the release of feel-good endorphins while simultaneously decreasing the stress hormone cortisol. More importantly, participating in creative activities helps us to problem-solve challenging thoughts and feelings and delivers a profound sense of fulfilment and confidence.

In July of 2023,
ArtResin's Dave Zak took on a challenge: to make art every day for 100 days straight, to see if it could help to ease his anxiety.  The experience was so transformative that he decided to kick off 2024 with another 100 Day Art Challenge—and to encourage others to join him!

What Is The 100 Days Of Art Challenge?

The idea behind 100 Days Of Art is to dedicate a minimum of 15 minutes every day to your chosen creative project for 100 consecutive days.  These small, consistent efforts hold immense power; they'll help you develop a new creative habit while delivering an abundance of feel-good endorphins to your life in the process.

1. Choose Your Project(s)

Anyone can engage in creative activities. Don't feel you need to be an artist to take part!  Creativity takes countless forms including painting, drawing, music, dancing, writing, culinary arts, gardening, sculpture, textile arts, photography, decorating, doodling, journalling, and more. Whether it's something you already love doing or a new skill you want to develop, the choice is entirely yours. You can opt for one project over the 100 days or try your hand at multiple projects.

The key is your willingness to commit to 15 minutes of creativity every day for 100 days. 

If you're not sure where to start, there are lots of tutorials on YouTube for just about any medium you'd like to explore. If cost is an issue, writing and drawing require little to no investment while delivering the same benefits. 

2. Join Our Community 

Follow ArtResin on social media:  Catch our weekly 100 Days Of Art lives on YouTube. Follow us on Instagram at @art_resin and don't forget to tag us and use the hashtag #100DaysOfArt. For those of you on Facebook, please join ArtResin's group and share your work with our community!

3. Get Ready!

Get organized before the challenge starts January 1st: Plan your project(s) ahead of time. Get your supplies, tools, and work space set up as best you can before the challenge starts.

Block out time in your day to spend on your project, and work it at everyday until Day 100. Don't stress if you miss a day - just keep going and do the best you can!


4. Share Your Progress

Our overall goal is to promote happiness through creativity, so let your friends and followers on social media know you're doing a 100 Days Of Art Challenge and invite them to participate too!

Share your work on social media so we can cheer you on. Use the hashtag #100DaysOfArt so that other people doing the challenge can find you too.


Day 50 Update!

We're halfway through the challenge. We've seen some incredible pieces of art from members of our community and wanted to share a few of these with you!

Jackie Misner Hilton

Jackie is a glass artist based in Ontario, Canada.  She has consistently been creating and posting her work throughout the 100 Day Art Challenge.

To see more of Jackie's art, please visit her Facebook group Glassy Art Scapes

Tim O'Neill

Tim is an art teacher based in Nebraska. He teaches grade 7-12 Visual Art, college Art History, and offers online art courses for adults. Tim has made art every day of this challenge, in a diverse range of styles and media.  He has also created YouTube videos for each, generously sharing his techniques so that others can learn as well. 

To see more of Tim's art:
Visit his website
Watch his YouTube videos: @ArtGeekTeaching
Follow him on Facebook: Rogue Artist Brigade

Marlis Dsouza

Marlis is abstract artist from Dubai who works primarily with alcohol ink and resin. She has been posting her work regularly on her social media pages throughout the 100 Days Of Art Challenge. Marlis also kindly created a free, downloadable 100 Days of Art Tracker for participants to use!

To see more of Marlis' work:

Follow her on Instagram: @artsybym
Visit her website:
See our blog: @artsybym Is Our Instagram Winner!


Sam Grosz

Based in South Dakota, Sam uses found items such as crushed glass, old jewelry, and printed materials to create her pieces, which she ultimately coats with resin. 

Joanne Wright

Thanks to the 100 Days Of Art Challenge, ArtResin's Joanne has been getting out of her comfort zone and trying new techniques, mediums, and learning how to reframe when things don't turn out as expected. :)

Dave Zak

ArtResin's Dave has been diligently creating his beautiful art since the New Year. He didn't let the setback of an infected finger (and subsequent surgery) derail him, and he even brought art supplies with him to Europe to continue the challenge on his travels. If there's a will, Dave has shown us that there is a way! :)

To see more of Dave's work:
Visit his website:
Watch his Lives on YouTube: @Artresin

ArtResin's 100 Days Of Art Challenge ends April 11th, 2024. We look forward to sharing highlights from the second half with you!

If you couldn't make this challenge, that's ok. Just start when you can - any day is a good day to start your own 100 Days Of Art challenge!


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