Can ArtResin be tinted?

  • Can Epoxy Resin Be Tinted?
  • How To Color Clear Epoxy Resin.
  • Yes, ArtResin can be tinted with ResinTint™ pigment, as well as acrylic paint or ink. Simply drop color into the mixture while stirring for an all over saturated color. All 16 ResinTint™ colorants are crafted for compatibility with ArtResin epoxy resin: this colorant will preserve the glossiness and translucency of the resin and will not cause a flammability risk when torched. Acrylic paint will produce a more opaque look and often greatly decreases the working time. Inks such as alcohol ink can pose a significant flammability risk when torched.
  • TIP:  Whichever colorant you choose, be sure not to add more than 6% of the total volume of mixed resin and hardener.
    Adding more than 6% colorant may interfere with the delicate balance necessary for the epoxy resin's chemical reaction to take place, thereby preventing your ArtResin from curing properly.