What Can You Do with Leftover ArtResin?

Don’t let leftover ArtResin go to waste! Artist Carmen Darley shows us how to make adorable, functional trinket dishes with leftover mixed resin. 




What you need:  

  • leftover mixed ArtResin 
  • 2 silicone egg poachers
  • water or sand (for weight) 
  • scissors
  • gold acrylic paint or a gold paint marker


Step 1:  Pour leftover resin into one of your egg poachers


Once you've finished with your main ArtResin project, you may notice that you have a little bit of mixed resin left in your cup. 

Pour a small amount of the leftover resin into one of your egg poachers. Don’t worry if the resin is a bit thicker than usual at this point. 



Step 2:  Insert the second egg poacher into the first one


With the resin in the bottom of the egg cup, insert the second egg poacher into the first one. The resin should be sandwiched between the two stacked cups. 



Gently push the top cup down with your fingers to spread the resin evenly around the mold. 




Step 3:  Fill the top cup with water or sand to hold it in place


Fill the top cup with water or sand to hold it in place. Let the resin cure like this for 24 hours. 



Step 4:  Release the cured resin from the mold


After 24 hours, you can release the cured resin from the mold. Trim away the rough edges with scissors. Then, set the cup somewhere safe and allow it to cure for 3-5 more days. 





Step 5:  Finish the Edges


Once the resin has completely cured, you can finish your dish by gilding the edges. Gently tap some pigment onto the rim of your dish using gold paint or a gold leaf paint marker. 



And that's it! You've made your very own trinket dish with leftover ArtResin. 



How do YOU use up leftover ArtResin? Let us know in the comments! 

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