The Best Way To Cure Multiple Pieces Of Resin Art

An empty plastic tote or cardboard box is a great way of protecting a piece of resin art as it cures. But what if you want to resin multiple pieces and find that you're short on space? We've found the ultimate space saving storage solution for curing resin art - a commercial baker's rack with a zip-up liner. It protects resin art from dust while it dries, keeps your work organized and offers ample storage without taking up valuable studio space.

Here what we love most about our favorite baker's rack:

Why Is A Baker's Rack The Best Storage Solution For Resin Art?

Space Saving Storage:
We use a commercial Baker's Sheet Pan Rack here at ArtResin. They typically come in full or half size heights. Ours is a full size rack and holds up to 20 sheet pan sized trays.

a baker's rack is a great for storing resin art while it cures

Mobile: Sheet Pan Racks are typically made of aluminum and mounted on swivel casters, making them lightweight and easy to maneuver around the studio. 

bakers sheet pan rack for curing resin

Removable Trays:
Resin your artwork right on the tray and store it in the rack to cure. Our trays are fiberglass so resin drips will peel off the next day or even better, line the tray with plastic or parchment paper for easy clean up. The trays are 18 x 26" (the same size as a standard sheet pan) and will comfortably hold a 16 x 20" panel.

baker's rack fiberglass tray for resin art curing

Adjustable Height:
the the trays are stackable so you can easily adjust the height to accommodate taller pieces of art.

adjustable height for trays 

Protects Wet Resin From Dust:
 the vinyl zip up liner protects wet resin art from dust while it cures. 

zip up liner protects resin art from dust

Where Can I Buy A Commercial Baker's Rack?

Commercial sheet pan racks, trays and zip up covers can be bought new at restaurant supply stores, but check out online marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or Ebay for used equipment at a significant discount.

Have you found a convenient way to cure multiple pieces of resin art?
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