The 12 ArtResin Days of Christmas!

Posted on 17 Nov 12:54

The countdown to Christmas is on and we've got 12 Christmas crafts to help you spread the cheer this holiday season!  

Get your craft on ... with The 12 ArtResin Days of Christmas!

Day 1 - Pallet Christmas Tree
Our first video features rustic Christmas trees that ArtResin's Dave upcycled out of old pallets we had lying around the ArtResin studio.  
Painted, distressed, coated in thick, velvety ArtResin and adorned with twinkle lights, they look absolutely magical!

Day 2 - Holiday Stencil Paintings
Today's video features ArtResin's Rebecca creating a set of holiday paintings by stencilling letters onto wooden panels with paper doily stencils.  Using a spray adhesive ( available at any art supply store ) to adhere the doily to the surface allows for easy stencil removal right after painting. 
Create your own custom stencil paintings to lend a fun & festive look to your holiday decor!

Day 3 - Snowflake Door Decor 
Today we are making a resin snowflake door decor piece!
These snowflakes will last forever!
Memory saved successfully :)
Joanne is even sweet enough to teach us how to make a snowflake ( in case you forgot how! )
You can hang them on the wall or in a window!
Waterproof and weather proof too so you can hang them outside :)


Day 4 - Stocking Holder Wall Piece
Do you have a fireplace Mantle?
Me neither!
We screwed this old piece of barn-board (actually part of an old Ikea futon that was left outside) to the wall with hooks in it over our modern fireplace! But first, we painted it with initials of our family, and then coated it in ArtResin obviously!
Careful not to light your stockings on fire. :)


Day 5 - Peppermint Candy Bowls
These bowls are super easy to make and with the top coat of ArtResin, should last for years and years! They are food safe and can even go in the dishwasher :)
How cool is that?


Day 6 - Candy Serving Tray
Today's ArtResin craft is a Christmas Candy Serving Tray!
Patty saw this candy and thought: 'Those colors look like a cool winter night!'.
And don't worry, ArtResin is food safe so you can put food on it and eat it and not die because the plastic leeched! So, this holiday season, poor a glass of Beaver wine, cut some cheese and marvel in your creative resin brilliance! :)


Day 7 - Melted Crayon Ornaments 
John and Adriana took the whole melted crayon trend to the wonderful world of Christmas. With the help of a glue gun, some chunks of crayon, a heat gun and some clear ArtResin, these ornaments will last forever! The best thing about homemade decorations is the memory of creating them.  Start a new tradition with your own melted-crayon-Christmas-ornament collection :)


Day 8 - Tasty Gingerbread House
What a good idea Tracey :)  This will last forever now! 
No one actually like eating it anyways :P 
ArtResin is a great way to preserve special memories and lock them in time ... a new tradition will now be to bring this gingerbread house out every year at Christmas!
ArtResin keeps oxygen away from the food so that it won't decompose or break down. 
It's waterproof, food safe and turned this craft into a ‘product’!

Day 9 - Reusable Christmas Gift Tags

In today's video, Tracey shows us how to make the coolest gift tags out of upcycled Christmas cards coated in a thin layer of crystal clear ArtResin!
What I love most is that these tags are reusable and use old recycled Christmas cards ... or be creative and create your own - either way, you'll be reducing waste at the same time!   
Also love that a dry erase marker lets you make an easy change in case someone ends up on your naughty list at the last minute ;)

Day 10 - Glass Mosaic Trivet

Looks like Dave has finally succumbed to the holiday spirit ... or was it the holiday spirits? :)

Today, ArtResin's Rebecca shows us how to create the most beautiful Christmas trivet out of glass mosaic pieces and a mirror tile.
Use our holly design for inspiration or create your own for a beautiful family keepsake and a custom touch to your holiday home decor!

ArtResin is not only the most super crystal clear, super glossy, super hard finish to coat your art with, but did you know ... it's also the strongest glue in the world and makes the perfect adhesive for mosaic work!

Because ArtResin is non toxic when used as directed and certified safe for home use, this is a great project for the whole family!

Day 11 - Birch Tree Candle Holder

We're almost there!!
And a good thing too by the looks of it, cause Dave has finally blown his top!

In today's video, Joanne shows us how to make the most beautiful tealight holders out of firewood logs from the garden center.

And why resin them, you ask?

Well, not only does it give the wood a dark, rich holiday lustre, but it also makes these tealight holders weatherproof and perfect for outdoor use!

Using LED tealights will add a gorgeous warmth to your outdoor holiday decor,
and you can use them year after year without any fear of the wood rotting.
In fact, resin is such a good waterproofing agent that it's used commercially to protect the underside of boats from water damage.

How cool is that?

Day 12 - Barnboard Christmas Countdown!

Awwww ... turns out Dave loves Christmas after all

In the last video of our 12 ArtResin Days of Christmas series, Joanne shows us how to make a vintage inspired sign out of old wood, paint and transfer paper.
The BEST part is that by applying a coat of shiny, clear ArtResin, the sign becomes a whiteboard you can use with a dry erase marker to count down the days until Christmas or any other special event ... a birthday, birth of a baby, wedding date etc.

See? ArtResin makes everything better


 We've had SO much fun creating this 12 part video series featuring fun & easy holiday craft ideas using non-toxic, non-yellowing, non-toxic ArtResin - and we hope you have just as much fun watching them! 

Our hope is for these videos to inspire and spark creativity for you and yours this holiday season ... or at the very least, to make you smile :)

Did you create something based on one of our 12 ArtResin Days of Christmas videos?  Please share with us at ... we LOVE to see our customers' work!!  

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