@resinmaze is our Instagram Winner!

Every month we like to spread the love by sending a 1 gallon kit to a couple of artists who have tagged us on Instagram ... and then we share their work with the world!  

Congratulations to artist Shaima Alassafi ... our first lucky winner for October!

Though Shaima studied Human Resource Management and Business Administration at Rutgers University, she has had a life long passion for art. Having worked in mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, ceramics and polymer clay, Shaima is a self taught artist but it wasn't until she discovered alcohol ink in resin that everything changed. 

Shaima's alcohol ink coasters are like eye candy: the bright colours and ethereal textures resemble wonderfully weird creatures or other worlds and consistently stop us in our tracks.

Shaima says: "At first I was just exploring and felt a little like a scientist at an experimenting field. It was then I slowly started understanding the chemical effect and all the other factors that contribute to the end result, which expanded my creativity overall." 



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Shaima says: "Art is like a soul recharge for me - it fills me with endless joy! I'm eager to wake up everyday, rushing to de-mold and reveal the magic that had cured overnight!  My main source of inspiration is nature and more specifically, the underwater world. I aim to create unique pieces that stand out to people and leave them in awe."

It's not just coasters that Shaima creates: she also makes small castings using ArtResin to create a variety of trinket dishes and trays.

Take a peek ... 

We love the eye-catching format Shaima has created on her Instagram page: first, she starts with a demolding video, then a shot of her finished piece takes the centre spot and finally, she ends with a close-up shot to show the incredible detail in her work.

Shaima dreams of pursuing art full-time and, in the meantime, is considering opening a shop to share her love of art with the world.

Congratulations, Shaima!

To see more of Shaima's beautiful work:
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