@jessicadadiomoff is our Instagram Winner!

Every month we like to spread the love by sending a 1 gallon kit to a couple of artists who have tagged us on Instagram ... and then we share their work with the world!  

Congratulations to Florida artist Jessica Dadiomoff ... one of our lucky winners for October!


Jessica is a mixed media artist based in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. A self-taught painter who studied art in university, Jessica incorporates a combination of inks, tints, pigment powders and acrylics in her work to create gorgeous resin seascapes for the past four years.  Jessica says: "My process and choice of mediums have evolved greatly and continue to do so. With every single piece I’m reminded that I am always learning - that is what keeps me excited about creating." 

Jessica's resin seascapes are inspired by the beauty, power and fluidity of the ocean:  "I spend countless hours gazing into the sea, visually studying her dynamic patterns of light and shadow, her ever-changing color and form, and delighting in the perfect balance of rhythm and impermanence in her water. The ocean soothes my soul. She entrances and inspires me in a way that I cannot articulate with words - this is where my process begins."



A yogi, Jessica's creative process is meditative and always starts with a yoga practice to clear her mind. It has the added benefit of keeping her body limber and strong in order to stand over her work for hours at a time.   

Yoga teaches me to let go which breaks through barriers of self doubt or frustration that may arise while I am creating. Initially, I may have an idea for the overall composition of the piece, however it always evolves as each layer is poured. This is where I have to surrender. If I let go of those initial expectations, the piece grows organically into something much more beautiful than I had planned.

However, if I try to control the outcome, I often become frustrated and have to let the resin cure before sanding off layers to rework the piece. Letting the process flow freely without expectation is challenging but adds to the excitement of watching a piece evolve."


Jessica created her oceanscapes with acrylics and oil but the discovery of resin four years ago has enabled her to completely transform and evolve her own unique style.  In Jessica's words: "Resin resembles the transparent nature of water - what is underneath, what is in, and what surrounds it is how it is perceived. Light and color travel through it to create beautiful shadows and dimension. Resin has given me the ability to let go and surrender to the control of the medium’s natural movement - which organically creates seascapes that embody fluid oceanic beauty by its own virtue."

Once Jessica finds inspiration for a painting, she and her husband build a wood panel, onto which she paints her base colors. Once the paint has dried, Jessica begins the process of building her resin layers. She starts with the ocean floor, incorporating shadows and movement to replicate the undertow. Next, she builds water layers one by one, adding translucent inks and tints to each resin pour to create depth and dimension, before finishing off the last layers with whitewater details. After the piece has fully cured, she gently sands and cleans the piece before pouring a final resin topcoat for a perfect, glassy finish.

This year Jessica started her career as a full time artist and with this has come some challenges that she hadn't anticipated.  Jessica says "before, I couldn’t quite grasp how far painting for a living would actually push me outside of my comfort zone on so many levels. Right now, I am still working to find a balance between creating for the love of creating while also meeting the demands of managing the business side of art. I know this challenge is not unique to me, however I couldn’t fully understand it before experiencing it." 

Jessica's work has been shown in a few galleries on the East Coast, but most of her sales are commissioned pieces. Her clients have found her oceanscapes through word-of-mouth, social media, and through her website. 

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