How To Resin A Clock

Posted on 10 Jul 17:17
Joanne and Dave are back!
And this time they are going to transform a live edge piece of wood into a functioning mantle clock ... for those of us who can still tell time the traditional way :)

Dave picked up a beautiful piece of willow from Exotic Woods, one of ArtResin's favorite local stores. Inspired by a family heirloom, Dave thought the wood piece would make a one-of-a-kind, custom clock - that doubles as a beautiful piece of artwork!

Next he picked up the clock mechanism - called a clock movement kit.
There are lots of styles to choose from at good hobby and craft stores, and even more to choose from online! Dave went with an inexpensive, battery operated model with simple, clean lines to allow the natural beauty of the wood to shine.  

With wood, tools, and clock movement set in hand, Dave and Joanne walk us step by step through the process in Episode One:

- The first step is to outline the clock face ( Joanne drew an outline using a small plate. )

- In the center of the clock face, Dave will drill a hole for the clock shaft to poke through. From there, he can drill a cavity in the back for the clock movement kit to sit in.

- Dave and Joanne decided to only mark the 12, 3, 6 and 9 points on the clock face to keep the look clean and simple. Their plan is to make 4 holes using a square chisel, and then to fill those holes with silver ResinTint!

- Finally, they will sand down the face of the clock, cover it in super glossy ArtResin epoxy resin, assemble and install the clock mechanism and hey presto .... the clock will be complete!

Episode 2

In last episode, Dave drilled a hole through the centre of the clock. Today, Dave and Joanne used that hole as a guide to drill out a cavity in the back of the clock for the clock movement set to sit in.

Once they were certain the clock movement set was sitting correctly, they trimmed down the hour, minute and second hands to size, as well as sanding them down to the raw metal for a more industrial look.

Finally, Dave and Joanne then marked out the 3, 6, 9, and 12 hour points on the clock face. They used a square chisel to carve out 4 holes which they are planning on filling with silver ResinTint!!!

Stay tuned next week when Dave and Joanne sand down the face of the clock and cover it in super glossy ArtResin epoxy resin ... and for lots of really bad clock puns along the way!

Bad Clock Puns Tally:
episode one - 11!
episdoe two - 23!!