Conversations With Artists - Mike Hammer

Welcome to our new series, Conversation With Artists!

In this series, ArtResin’s co-founder Rebecca provides an opportunity to hear from different contemporary resin artists as they discuss their work, inspiration and the artistic process.

In today’s episode, Rebecca is in conversation with "the guy who makes blob paintings", Toronto artist Mike Hammer.

Mike’s blob paintings are gorgeous - fun, candy-coloured, layered circles that look good enough to eat. He ended up with the blob after years spent trying to develop his own unique methods of paint application. Settling on the squeeze bottle as his tool of choice, Mike experimented with paint and technique until his blobs were perfect.

Textured and vibrant, the blobs allow Mike to create non-representational works of art: his paintings are abstract, based on visual elements and technique rather than concept or commentary. 

Take a peek to hear Mike discuss the place of the blob in his artwork, his struggles and his 3 step painting process.

About the author: Joanne Wright

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