ArtResin Featured Artist - Mike Mozart

We are so thrilled to introduce our friend Mike Mozart AKA “MiMo” - this month's Featured Artist!

Passionate about painting since he was a child, Mike has had a long and diverse art career. Starting out as a street artist back in the 70s, Mike used his initiative and his love of art to break into the illustration world when he was a teenager - a career that would span over 30 years.

These days, Mike enjoys well-deserved success as an artist in his own right, but he has never lost the love of painting that fueled him forward from a young age. In fact, listening to him speak about the happiness he gets from creating art, you can feel an almost childlike wonderment in his voice - and this is certainly reflected in his bright, colorful artwork featuring nostalgic cartoon characters like the Monopoly Man, Richie Rich and Uncle Scrooge. Mike also created the super popular TheToyChannel on YouTube, where he has reviewed thousands of classic toys.

ArtResin's Rebecca, Patty and Jeff were lucky enough to sit down with Mike at his New York City studio recently to discuss painting, happiness, and what success means to him.


Follow Mike on Instagram at @mikemozart

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