ArtResin Featured Artist - Luc Tessier

We're so pleased to introduce you to our next Featured Artist ... Luc Tessier!

Luc Tessier, a multimedia artist based near Montreal, Quebec, is known for his ultra modern and ultra vibrant works of art. His work is simple, reflecting his love of bold colour and bold lines, yet also hypnotic, drawing the viewer in with an abstract, op art sensibility.

Luc's photography background plays a key role in his work. Choosing one of his photos, he uses his eye and intuition to manipulate the images in Photoshop. Stretching, twisting, and layering, Luc manipulates the image to tell a new story. With no hard and fast set of rules to follow, Luc allows each image to evolve organically, until it reaches a place where he feels it is complete.

A self-taught artist with a love of painting that began in his childhood, Luc enjoys creating large abstract acrylics on canvas.  Hearts and angels are common themes in his work.

ArtResin recently paid a visit to Luc’s studio to watch him at work and to chat with him about his creative process and how art became a way to cope at a time in his life when he most needed an outlet.

Enjoy :)

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