ArtResin Featured Artist - Kira Lee

We're so pleased to introduce our newest Featured Artist ... Kira Lee!

Kira Lee is a typographic pointillist.

Now, if you're not familiar with this technique, it's for good reason ... having developed her unique take on pointillism over many years, Kira coined the term to describe the way she uses words, quotes, and lyrics to create portraits of iconic figures. 

Borrowing heavily from pop culture, musicians are a favourite subject ( song lyrics lending themselves beautifully to her technique ) but Kira also has fun with her work and it's not uncommon to see a portrait of David Bowie or even the Dalai Lama gracing the same wall as SpongeBob Squarepants or Disney's Ariel.

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Kira created cooking icon Julia Child with ingredient names and cooking terms, layering torn recipes to create texture on the canvas and even using spices to tint the ArtResin instead of paint.

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Whether cartoon character, cooking icon or musical legend, Kira's love of art in all forms is always the driving inspiration behind her work.

In Kira's words: "I love the idea of creating something with another connected thing. Using theories to outline horn rimmed glasses. Song lyrics twisted and turned into locks of hair. Heart-aching poems carved into crows feet. Culture defining philosophies stitched into a silk robe. Gathering these beautiful writings and celebrating them collectively with something as dynamic as the Artists portrait."

ArtResin recently had a chance to interview Kira at her 212 Arts gallery showing in NYC's East Village to discuss her artistic process and its evolution and the undeniable feeling of accomplishment one gets from the creative process.


To see more of Kira's work, visit her website at:

Follow her on IG: @kiraleeart

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