ArtResin Featured Artist - Gary Schluck

We're so proud to introduce our next Featured Artist .... Gary Schluck!

Just WHAT is a dot?
That simple question is the beating heart of Gary Schluck’s Dot art! 🔴

Whereas many see only the dot, Gary sees a landscape, a spaceship, or a puppy. What is an atom but an extremely tiny dot? But look even closer - and find the protons and electrons you didn’t even know were there.

Using pure gusto and wide variety of tools, Gary’s work centres around distillation and reduction. It forces us to examine our own insignificance. Dot Art also uses negative space to contextualize each dot and its relation to the universe around it. Gary spends copious hours contemplating each dot - some pieces have been known to take days or even weeks to complete. Each dot must be unique or Gary immediately scraps the piece.

Gary grew up on small mud farm outside Kenora, Ontario. He was homeschooled by his mother but showed no early interest in art, as his parents deemed paper to be ‘fancy city folk nonsense’. When his prized pig Gloria passed away at 15, Gary left home for good and settled in Toronto, Ontario. Two weeks after his arrival, a TTC bus accidentally stopped on his foot and the city awarded him $11 million in damages. Realizing he could spend entire months at home, and having beaten most of his video-games, Gary picked up some canvases and decided to decorate his apartment. It was during this peyote fuelled session that Gary created Dot Art.

And the rest is history.

Enjoy :)

Pssstt ......


We hope you enjoyed our little joke 😂

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For more laughs, watch the outtakes from our interview with the guy you all loved to hate, "dot artist" Gary Schluck.

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