ArtResin Featured Artist - Daniel Mazzone

We're so proud to introduce our next Featured Artist .... Daniel Mazzone!

Daniel is a mixed media artist based in Toronto. Self-taught, Daniel grew up in a household surrounded by creativity: his mother was a stained glass artist and working alongside her instilled in him a love of art from a very young age.

Though his work is mainly portraiture, Daniel's objective is so much more than simply recreating someone's image:  rather, he creates artwork in order to tell their story, using his subject, colour, material, careful placement and planning to do so. As a nod to his mother's stained glass, he pieces together hand cut elements that represent the subject's history, including vintage newspapers, magazine clippings, photos, letters, and song lyrics, creating vignettes within his portraits. Each individual component represents a different experience yet they all work together to tell a complete story.

Daniel Mazzone mother's stained glass

Daniel Mazzone Charlie Chaplin

Daniel Mazzone michael jordan

For this reason, Daniel prefers to work on large format pieces that allow him to incorporate more information, more layers, more pieces of the story in order to generate curiosity and a response in his audience. He hopes that by capturing his viewer's attention to the details of his artwork, it will encourage them to slow down and take a closer look in all aspects of their life.

Daniel Mazzone large format pieces

Daniel Mazzone story in order to generate curiosity

Daniel Mazzone closer look in all aspects of their life
ArtResin recently had the opportunity to spend time with Daniel at his Toronto studio to chat about his creative process, why giving back is so important to him, and why, despite forming a deep bond with each and every piece he creates, he welcomes letting his work go.

Enjoy :)

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