ArtResin's Spotlight On Contemporary Resin Artists And Their Work

Welcome to our new series, ArtResin Spotlight, in which we profile a variety of contemporary resin artists who are passionate about their work. 

In these short but intimate documentaries, we hear from artists in their own words as they share insights from their creative aspirations and inspirations.

1. Diane Portwood

In our first episode, we spotlight Florida artist Diane Portwood who shares the real life inspiration behind the female forms so prevalent in her work.

Visit her website:
Follow her on IG: @dianeportwood

2. Ben Heller

Next, we spotlight Florida artist Ben Heller who discusses an issue facing many artists .... how to make time for fulfilling creativity while balancing a full time job. Ben explains how he is able to create art, even after a long day at the office.

Visit Ben's website:
Follow Ben on Instagram: @booboosketch


3. Bich Nguyen
In this episode, we feature mixed media artist Bich Nguyen who examines the traditional idea of success and how it has evolved for her since embarking on her career as an artist. Bich shares why the key difference between success and happiness is working with passion ... vs simply working hard.

Visit Bich's Etsy shop: BichNguyenArt
Follow Bich: @bichnguyenart

4. Emily Carriere

In this episode, we spotlight Toronto artist Emily Carriere. Emily shares the process behind her vinyl and acrylic artwork, and explains how utilizing graphic design technology has allowed her to experiment, create, re-work and evolve as an artist.

See more of Emily's work:
visit her website:
follow her on Instagram: @emilycarriereart

5. Sean Christopher Ward
In this episode, we profile Kansas artist Sean Christopher Ward who shares how his colourful artwork plays with dimension, depth and optical illusion to create engagement and interaction with his viewer.

See more of Sean's work:
visit his website: www.seanchristopherward
follow him on Instagram: @seanchristopherward

6. Anna Fenimore
In this episode, we profile glass mosaic artist Anna Fenimore who explains how following her dreams and pursuing her passion for art has allowed her to spend each and every day in a place of creativity, doing what she loves. 

See more of Anna's work:
visit her website:
follow her on Instagram: @annafenimoreartgallery

7. Kate Taylor
In today's episode, Toronto abstract artist Kate Taylor chats about staying true to her vision by playing with colour, texture, and light to reflect the joy of nature.

See more of Kate's work:
visit her website:
follow her on Instagram: @katetaylorart

8. Idiot Box Art
In today's episode, we feature West Hollywood pop art duo Idiot Box Art, who share why you need to shut out the noise and focus on creating art that makes you happy. 

See more of Idiot Box Art's work:
visit their website:
follow them on Instagram: @idiotboxart

9. Upcycling It
In today's episode, we feature the dynamic duo of Sam and Leah, the creative team behind Upcycling It. From coasters to trays to wall art, these two talented ladies preserves the most beloved pop culture imagery into cool functional art pieces.

See more of Upcycling It's work:
visit their website:
follow them on Instagram: @upcyclingit

10. Lorie Slater
In today's episode, we feature Lorie Slater, a Toronto photographer who loves both the nitty gritty as well as the finer details found throughout the big city. Each and every photo is wonderfully shot and then brought to new life and depth with a coat of ArtResin.


See more of Lorie's work:
visit her website:
follow her on Instagram: @lorieslaterfoto

11. Ricarda Ebert

Geode Resin artist Ricarda Ebert's artwork is inspired by the beauty of nature. She interprets the ocean, the sky, the universe, and the layers of the earth in her pieces with the use of sparkle and light to create an organic, ethereal feel.

See more of Ricarda's work:
visit her website:
follow her on Instagram: @chaletauplage

12. Sara Purves
In today's episode, we feature an artist whose work just really makes you feel good. Sara Purves is a graphic designer who returned to her painting roots to brighten her day... as well as ours :)

See more of Sara's work:
visit their website:
follow them on Instagram: @sara_purves_art

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