@allen.erika is our Instagram Winner!

Every month we like to spread the love by sending a 1 gallon kit to a couple of artists who have tagged us on Instagram ... and then we share their work with the world!  

One of the best things about social media is being able to see all the creative ways artists apply ArtResin ... often in ways we never even thought of!  

Such was the case when we saw the Instagram page for artist Erika Allen ... our first lucky winner for September!



Erika is an abstract artist based in South Carolina. She says: "I have studied art and have had a deep love for art from a very young age. It was the one thing I had a natural talent for. I received a bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Graphic Design, but very quickly realized my place was not behind a computer screen. I was happiest creating with my hands and all sorts of paints and mixed media."

Erika uses ArtResin in a multitude of ways: 

  • as a coating for paintings
  • tinted to create flow art
  • as an inlay in wood

.... but what really stopped us in our tracks were the beautiful pieces Erika created using tinted resin scraps. 

Take a look ...

Erika says  "
I’ve recently joined the ranks of the 'resin obsessed'. I really enjoy exploring the endless possibilities with this medium: there’s just something about it that is truly mesmerizing to watch. 

Most recently, I’ve been using up my leftover resin scraps to create collages, anything from angel wings to flowers and ocean inspired pieces. It’s a win-win to recycle my run off and create a whole new image at the same time." 

Isn't it brilliant?  
Erika creates these beautiful, textural pieces of art by saving the run off from her resin pours until she has a collection of shapes and colours to choose from. 

Next, she maps out her design idea.

Then she gently heats and softens each resin piece, making them pliable enough to cut. After cutting her resin to the desired shapes and sizes she assembles them piece by piece, like a giant puzzle of sorts, until the design takes shape. 

In Erika's words: "
I’m left with a piece that was partially created by the innate behavior of a fluid medium and the intentional placement of each individual piece."

Erika also uses tinted resin to create abstract landscapes. She says "I tend to work a bit on the abstract side but still like to give a sense of subject matter. I’m a huge nature lover, so a lot of my work is inspired by nature and its elements."

In this landscape, Erika uses resin poured into a silicone mold to create a water element. Take a look ...


Erika often uses reclaimed wood as her canvas, contrasting the raw, unfinished texture with the smooth finish and vibrancy of paint and resin.

In this piece, Erika allows the natural pattern of the wood to create a colourful, abstract landscape.






Congratulations, Erika!

To see more of Erika's beautiful work:
follow her on Instagram at @allen.erika


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