YAY! New Product Launched!

Posted on 21 Feb 22:27

We’re full of excitement because we’ve finally pulled it off…

CLEAR (yes, clear), SAFE (we mean it, it’s safe) epoxy resin for all your creative projects. Our new formula is here, and we think you’re gonna love it.

As artists, we wanted a resin formula that performed extremely well for our artistic purposes. So we collaborated with some smart chemists and after three years, we made it happen:

New ArtResin utilizes HALS, an extremely efficient UV stabilizer for superior yellowing protection. No other resin on the market is this advanced.

New ArtResin contains no VOCs and no fumes. You don’t even need a respirator.

Mix it up in a 1:1 ratio just like before. You have 30 minutes working time, and it cures in 24 hrs.

Lastly, this new formula called for a new (mobile-friendly) website…

Thanks for being our customers, and please let us know how you like it!  :)

Rebecca + Dave