The search for non-yellowing epoxy resin continues Posted on 01 Nov 17:12 , 2 comments

(note: Non-Yellowing UPDAT-BLOG here)

We have been on a mission for nearly 3 years now (!!!!) to find a chemist who will work with us to develop an epoxy resin with a 1:1 ratio, no VOCs and non-yellowing properties. The first 2 items on that list are easy to obtain.. the non-yellowing part has been very difficult. Our searches have lead to testing samples from China, Taiwan, India, Canada and across the USA. Despite promises of non-yellowing, we have had no success. BUT ArtResin is getting closer. We have teamed up with an amazing team in Texas who see the value in this product. We are on round 2 of UV testing and have narrowed it down to the top half-dozen or so. Here is the latest UV test. We left these samples in the Texas sun for 30 days! 

We want to see what ArtResin would look like after 10 years in the sun! Stay tuned and keep your eye on to follow along.