Resin Silicone Mold

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Making colorful alcohol ink "petri" coasters is easy with ArtResin’s Silicone Molds!
High quality, 100% silicone molds are durable for repeated use and flexible for easy release when the resin is cured, eliminating the need for a mold release agent. The shiny interior preserves ArtResin’s glossiness!

Perfect for making stunning "petri" coasters -
 simply squeeze ArtResin Alcohol Ink drops into mixed ArtResin epoxy resin and follow with ArtResin Ink Sinker to push the color through the resin.

Add inclusions of your choice such as crystals, beads, gold leaf, rocks, coins shells and more to create custom coasters for use or display.

Mold size: 11.73" x 6.85" ( 29.8 cm x 17.4 cm )
Cavity size: 4" diameter x 0.7" depth ( 100 mm x 18 mm )

Alcohol Ink and Ink Sinker sold separately. 
Not recommended for use with an open flame.