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Gold Leaf

How To Resin Gold Leaf


  1. Create a design using the metallic leaf and paper of your choice, sized to fit the wood panel (or other sturdy substrate) you plan to use.  If you prefer, you can apply the metallic leaf directly to a smooth, painted wood panel as we did.
    💡TIP: Metallic leaf comes in a variety of color options, so have fun and experiment!

  2. Apply adhesive (glue stick, white glue or gold leaf size) to create the design you wish. Next, apply the metallic leaf sheets on top of the adhesive. Finally, using a soft, sturdy brush, gently brush away the excess, leaving the metal leaf that has adhered to the adhesive intact. You may need to use a can of compressed air to gently remove any stubborn bits.

  3. If your metal leaf design is on paper, you may need to apply a sealant over top first. Always do a test on a scrap piece first to see whether the paper absorbs the resin. If so, apply a sealant.

  4. 💡 TIP: Choose a brush-on or spray sealant that dries clear, offers UV protection and is safe to use on pencil drawings. Be aware that a brush-on sealant may pull the metallic leaf out of place, in which case a spray sealant may be a better option. 

  5. If your metal leaf design is on paper, you will need to mount it to the panel. Apply glue stick or spray adhesive, to the panel. Carefully place the drawing onto the panel by lining up the side closest to you and gently laying the rest of the print down. Next, place a clean piece of paper over top of the artwork and gently roll a brayer over top to burnish the entire surface. This will remove air bubbles and ensure a good, secure bond to the panel.

  6.  Wearing gloves, measure and mix the ArtResin according to instructions. 
    💡 TIP: If you're not sure how much ArtResin you need, enter the dimensions of your piece into our Resin Calculator.

  7. Pour the resin into the center of the artwork and, using a flat-edged spreading tool, guide the resin over the entire surface.

  8. Use an Artist’s Torch to remove bubbles.

  9. Cover and allow the resin to cure. After 24 hours, the resin will be dry to the touch and will be fully cured after 72 hours.

In this video, watch as an ordinary styrofoam skull is transformed into a super cool objet d'art using gold leaf and ArtResin!

ArtResin:  Made For Artists, By Artists.

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