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How To Resin An Acrylic Painting


  1. Paint your design directly onto a birch panel or cradle board. Alternatively, if your acrylic painting is on paper, ensure it is dry and mount it securely to the panel with spray adhesive. Next, place a clean piece of paper on top of the painting and gently roll a brayer over it to eliminate air pockets and ensure a good bond between the paper and panel.
    💡 TIP: The acrylic paint itself will not run when in contact with the resin, but you may want to apply a sealant if there is a risk that the paper might absorb the resin. Test on a scrap piece first. If a sealant is required, choose one that dries clear, offers UV protection, and is suitable for acrylic paint.

  2. Wearing gloves, measure and mix ArtResin according to directions.
    💡 TIP: Not sure how much resin you need? Check out our Resin Calculator.

  3. Pour the resin in the center of your artwork and use a flat-edged spreading tool to guide it over the entire surface.

  4. Use an Artist’s Torch to remove bubbles.

  5. Cover and allow the resin to cure. After 24 hours, your resin will be dry to the touch and fully cured after 72 hours.

Read our blog How To Resin Acrylic Paint for full, step-by-step instructions!

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