Why does my ArtResin epoxy resin look milky white or cloudy?

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  • What Is The Perfect Temperature For Working With Epoxy Resin?
  • ArtResin's ideal working temperature is between 72-77F or 23-25C. Resin colder than this is thick, clumpy, hard to work with and looks milky because it's full of thousands of microbubbles (which you'll never be able to torch out.)
  • Carefully warming up the unopened resin/hardener bottles in a warm water bath for about 10 minutes can greatly mitigate this issue. Be aware that warming your resin in a waterbath cuts down your working time by about 10-15 minutes, so time yourself accordingly.
  • Dry your bottles thoroughly after removing them from the waterbath - even a single drop of water into the mixture can cause it to turn cloudy and prevent it from curing properly.