What will happen if I don't spread ArtResin once it's poured?

  • Is ArtResin Epoxy Resin Self-Leveling?
  • ArtResin is self-leveling, so it will spread itself out to approximately 1/8" or 3 mm without anyone touching it. Most people, however, use a flat object to spread ArtResin exactly where you want it to go (our reusable spreaders are the perfect thing to spread resin evenly and efficiently.) You'll have about 45 minutes to spread ArtResin before it starts to cure and gets too thick to work with.
  • You can also use a disposable foam brush or a craft stick if you only want to apply the resin to specific areas of your piece. This technique is known as Selective Embellishment and you can learn more about it in our blog How Can I Selectively Embellish My Artwork With Epoxy Resin?