What is the best way to mount paper or prints for use with epoxy resin?

  • What Type Of Glue Should I Use To Mount Paper Before I Resin?
  • If you are resining over a collage, watercolor paper or mixed media with white/light coloured paper, we recommended that you mount the paper onto a white surface. Depending on the paper you're using, your paper could turn slightly translucent under the resin, so if the surface underneath is white then your images will retain their true colors. It's always recommended that you try the resin out over your paper of choice first on a test surface.
  • To mount the paper evenly and securely, cover the back with the glue of your choice. Ensure the coverage is even and you don't miss any spots - you want to make sure the paper completely bonds to the substate.
  • Starting with the side closest to you, slowly roll the print out onto your substrate making sure that no air pockets are trapped underneath. Next, take a clean piece of paper and a brayer and roll on top of making sure that the piece is adhered securely.