How do I take photographs of my resined artwork without glare?

  • The key to photographing a high gloss finish like ArtResin is to light it without causing glare or hotspots. Hang your artwork up on a wall, position your camera on a tripod so that the lens is straight on and centred in the middle of your artwork and at a parallel angle. Control the lighting in the room by closing blinds and turning off room lights. Two copy lights set up at a 45 degree angle on either side of your artwork will create an even wash of light without creating reflections. Adjust the placement of the lights as necessary until you get a well lit shot without glare. Adjust your camera's aperture and white balance settings until you find a representation of your artwork that looks true to life. Make adjustments, take a few test shots and when you're happy with what you see, you're ready to shoot! If you know how, you can also adjust the light and color levels in Photoshop.