How do I properly spread ArtResin?

  • How To Pour And Spread Epoxy Resin
  • Once you mixed your resin and hardener for 3 minutes, you'll have approximately 40 minutes of working time to pour and spread your ArtResin before it starts to cure and gets too thick to work with.
  • If you've warmed your resin in a water bath, the working time will be reduced by about 10-15 minutes, so time yourself accordingly.
  • If you want to coat the entire piece, start by pouring in the centre of your work. To spread, use a flat semi-strong object (i.e. something that can stand up to the density and weight of the resin). You can also use a disposable foam brush if you only want to embellish specific areas of your piece.
  • Typically you will have to dispose of your spreading tool, unless you purchase reusable epoxy resin spreaders which can be used over and over again. Our reusable spreaders have different sized teeth along each size so you can drag the spreader across the surface of the artwork and in so doing, you will spread the ArtResin epoxy resin evenly and efficiently. 
  • You can resin the sides with a disposable foam brush or your gloved hand, or just let the resin dome neatly on top - doming means that you simply nudge the resin just to the edge of your piece without going over ... ArtResin's thick texture allows it to sit where you want it to!
  • Keep in mind that ArtResin will naturally self-level to a thickness of approximately 1/8".