How do I measure and stir properly?

  • How To Measure and Mix Resin And Hardener
  • Measure equally and accurately by volume, not weight. Adding too much of either the resin or the hardener will alter the chemical reaction and your resin will not cure properly.
  • Stir your equally measured amounts of resin and hardener together for at least 3 minutes. Not stirring properly will result in a sticky resin that will never cure. 
  • Scrape the bottom and sides of your mixing vessel as you stir to ensure the entire mixture catalyzes and that there is no remaining unmixed resin or hardener stuck to the sides that may prevent a proper cure.  
  • If bubbles appear, don’t worry—you can take care of them after pouring with an Artist's Torch
  • When you pour the resin out of the mixing vessel, avoid scraping the sides in case there is any unmixed resin or hardener stuck to the sides - if this gets mixed into your catalyzed resin, you may end up with soft sticky spots in your cured resin