Why Use A Torch With ArtResin?

Using a torch is the number one way to achieve a flawless, resin finish, free of bubbles.

When you catalyze your ArtResin mixture, you create a lot of bubbles as you stir. Those bubbles need to be eliminated or they'll cure right into your piece. 
The flame from a torch heats the resin surface up instantly, thinning it out and allowing bubbles to escape very easily. Not only does a torch provide the pro results you're looking for, but has the added benefit of burning off tiny dust particles that may have landed in the resin. 

To get rid of bubbles, people have tried to blow on them through a straw or pop them with a toothpick, but those methods are really ineffective.

Others have tried using using a hairdryer or a heat gun but, again, those tools are not very effective because they just don't get hot enough and end up blowing the resin around.

To help you, ArtResin has an easy to use handheld Artist's Torch, plus an Artist's Propane Torch Head for larger jobs. Once you use a torch, you'll wonder what you ever did without it!

⚠️PLEASE NOTE: Common sense and caution should be used when operating any torch or heat gun. Always ignite the torch with the flame pointing away from you, operate the torch well away from any flammable objects and never leave a flame unattended.  


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