Which Entries Made Us Happy?

So a few weeks ago, ArtResin posed a question.

We wanted to know ... What Makes YOU Happy??

We asked you, our customers, to post on Instagram a photo or a video of what makes you the happiest ( along with the hashtag #artresinhappy ) for a chance to win one of seven 2 gallon kits - one from each ArtResin staff member.

What a great response ... we received so many entries!
We loved seeing who and what you love and one thing is for certain ... we sure do have a lot of happy customers :)

Today, we are so thrilled to announce our first winner ....
@lisahilton88 as chosen by Patty!!!!

Lisa - awesome score with the 8 track machine!!!
Brings back so many memories!
Enjoy your 2 gallon kit - Patty will be in touch soon!

Tracey's turn next - and she chose @mzamielee !!

This little guy's excitement in trying out a power tool for the first time brought back memories of the days when her son was that age  <3 

Joanne ( and Dougal ) could totally relate to @tamthecatofmk's winning entry:

's peanut-butter eating, countryside walk loving and snoring doggy Tia reminded Joanne of her own peanut-butter eating, countryside walk loving and snoring doggy Dougal :)

And our next winner is @hellamadella - chosen by Jess!


@hellamadella's note about memories of her grandmother and her scissor collection and made Jess nostalgic about her own grandmother <3

Next winner, as announced by Dave, is @inside_ilses_mind !!!

This family shot made Dave happy because it reminded him of his own family :)

Next up is Jeff pick .... and in fact, we ALL loved this video SO much from @art_intheattic

Love, love, loved everything about this video ... but filming it from the perspective of @art_intheattic's daughter??  Adorable!!

And last, but not least ... our next winner is @paigering as chosen by Rebecca!!!!

Congrats @paigering!!  Rebecca loved seeing you create your beautiful artwork and will be in touch soon!!

This contest made us SO HAPPY!!

Congrats to our winners and thanks to everyone who took part!!